Will the right hosting save your business?

We spend a lot of time talking about creating the right website for you and your brand. But another key and often overlooked aspect of a website is the question of the hosting. Does it matter where you host your site? The answer is a HELL YES. It’s like building a house or buying a car. A home needs to lie on the proper ground and foundation, just as a car needs good tires and the right gas to move. Nowadays, pretty much every site is built on some sort of content management system comprised of code, such as PHP, tied into a database, such as MySQL. Unlike past websites that were just static and had less moving parts, these websites are a program running actively on an operating system. And much like your computer system, you know you need to keep it up to date and maintain protection from being hacked and protect yourself from viruses and malware. And like your computer, proper backups are also a must. Like your computer, every day, your website is continuously being probed for vulnerabilities. We have seen more sites than we care for hacked. That is why it is critical that you constantly back up, monitor, secure, and update both your website and hosting software. There is another problem we often don’t consider. With the ability to update and change your site on the fly, you also open yourself up to human errors, and not to mention one of the most significant issues, employees accidentally breaking your site. I don’t know about you, but our clients don’t want their websites to go down, have lag, or get hacked, and frankly, they don’t want to worry about their sites. That is where our fully managed hosting comes into play. In the same way, we do not take risks with our clients’ websites designs and coding – our hosting is state of the art. Your hosting is like your fuel and your tires, save pennies now, and you pay exponentially for it later. Cheap hosting leads to slow sites, lost sales, bad customer experiences, and the worst security breaches that can cost you your business. We recommend that you avoid any entry-level shared hosting such as Godaddy, Network Solutions, etc. Basic hosting solutions are typically much slower in loading times. They are substantially less secure. It is like renting in the worst neighborhood. And your site will get hacked -it is just a matter of time. And they rarely come with sufficient, if any backup solutions. While you will pay more for a managed solution, think of it like car insurance, plus regular maintenance tied into one. And while you could go do it yourself, to find anything comparable to what we have listed below would require about $20,000 plus in setup charges, and monthly server and retainer fees of more than $3,000/ month by a professional network administration service. We have worked hard and long to cultivate the best solution out there for our clients, and we take it a step further by managing it all for our clients.

The following is a list of some of the features that we offer our clients for hosting:

Fully Managed – Just Sit Back and Relax You probably don’t know how to perform updates, problem check for conflicting scripts, or even want to deal with it. And you really shouldn’t have to. But your websites will evolve through updates and likely break at some point. Our fully managed solution protects you from these risks and concerns. So if there is an issue with your site, it breaks, it’s hacked, it’s buggy, we will look into it and fix it for you. And we don’t stop there. We also perform updates to the content management system and plugins to make sure your site is up to date, and your data is secure. So when there is a problem, we spend the time figuring it out, at no additional costs to you, so you do not have to. Fastest Load Times We all hate waiting for websites to load, so why wait for yours? We offer the top 1% of 1% of load times to ensure the best user experiences of your sites, and now that Google takes load times into account, you will get a boost on your search engine optimization. Many of our sites load in under half a second. Powerful Security & Remediation We offer a powerful firewall, along with malware scanning & no-cost remediation. Daily Automatic Backups PLUS Built into every one of our packages is automatic daily backups of your site and database. We also offer additional offsite incremental backup options and other backup options for your specific needs. One-click restore With a single click, you can take a snapshot of your entire site — database and files — stored on our servers. Restore that snapshot with another click. Now you have a safety net before doing something risky like upgrading plugins. Dedicated staging areas Our secure and dedicated staging areas ensure smooth transitions with no downtimes for testing site changes and updates. Basis SSL SSL certificate setup and installed so your site is secured and encrypted. Higher levels and premium SSL certs may be needed for e-commerce. Integrated Analytics For all of our hosted sites, we integrate Google analytics and/or any preferred tracking software integration. Enterprise Architecture & Top Shelf Hardware Our hosting is built on enterprise-level architecture for the best performance and reliability, and it is optimized around WordPress for the fastest site load times. Dedicated Database Solutions To address the need for accessing concurrently millions of rows of data for the applications, we provide enterprise-grade database solutions. Uptime Monitoring We offer optional uptime monitoring if you want to know when your site is up and down. We can send you alerts, or monitor it for you and respond whenever there is an alert. Content Delivery Networks and Geographic options via International Data Centers We offer optionally integrated CDN offerings so that your sites can load even faster all over the globe. We also offer options geographic features to allow you to optimize geographically, and even create advance strategies to multiple sites in multiple geographic regions. At the end of the day, your site needs to be up, safe, secure, and served quickly to give the best experience to your end-users. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. And we are looking forward to adding you to our family of hosted clients.

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