Nothing says it better than our clients!

“Ethan and We Unfuck created an absolutely amazing branding identity and website for my company. Ethan’s creativity and sharp business acumen informed every step of his design and strategic branding process and the end result exceeded my expectations. The website he created for my company is beautiful, functional and has been instrumental to the recent growth of my company. The content and aesthetic of his branding strategy successfully and stylishly conveys the value my company can provide clients. I highly recommend Ethan and We Unfuck to anyone seeking a top quality website and thoughtful, effective branding at a reasonable price.”

Greg G

“I just wanted to send you a huge Thank You! We had a meeting with the City last week, the Specialist said “I looked you guys up yesterday and saw that you have an awesome and legit web-site”. As of today, we have doubled our business in just 15 months. We really appreciate all that you have done to help us get where we are.”

Jennifer P

“I like the site, it looks sharp! The new colors, images and movement really make the experience. And we really love the new logo you made for us. Thank you so much.”

Jeff O

“We’ve all heard of the popular adage “People fear what they don’t understand”. I was one of those people when it came to web design before I connected with Ethan. I’ve known Ethan a few years now and the best two words to describe him is “Extreme Professionalism”. From day one his level of intelligence with our project not only shocked us but made us wonder how we made it that far without his counsel. It’s was a 360-degree change from the previous team we used. We were truly amazed with the results and would recommend him 100 times over. If your having any doubts due to other firms, simply spend 15-20 minutes with him on the phone and you will understand!”

Jamar M

“Website looks GREAT! Hella Fast! The logo, collateral and website look FANTASTIC. I look legit now! Hahaha. Thank you so much Ethan!!”

Brent W

“We Unfuck proved to be an extremely professional team offering a variety of key services with outstanding results. They are timely and just a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate in a heartbeat to call them when needed again.”

Alex C

“We Unfuck is a superb consultancy for your web designs and branding campaigns. They are aggressively creative and can guide you as they have us in producing a compelling message to distinguish your business from the herd. Outstanding skills and customer service at affordable cost. We recommend them without any reservations whatsoever.”

Bruce I

“I highly recommend Burke Files and the We Unfuck team. No matter the issue I’ve encountered as Founder and CEO of a high-tech search firm, Burke and the team have been my go-to entity for advice. This included consultation during the company’s initiation and start-up, through explosive growth and expansion, advising me on legal and financial matters, employee and client conflicts and resolution and everything in between. I don’t trust anybody as much as Burke. You won’t be disappointed.”

Jim T

“Ethan brought me the clarity I was searching for to realign my business strategy. He understood I needed to address underlying issues before just formulating a business strategy. Acting as my coach, spirit guide, cheerleader, and ass-kicker when needed, Ethan was the best and fastest route to turning my business and life around.”

Peter R

“Starting your new business? Just moved to the new location? Need to design a stunningly looking website? Ethan and the team are incredibly helpful in guiding you through all the steps required to set you up for success. Wonderful people and fantastically efficient team – has been a great pleasure to work with.”

Olga G

“I highly recommend Ethan and his team. They genuinely care about you and embody the principles they put forth. They work hard and really care to make sure you have your back protected, and that all your pieces are in place. I have been lucky enough to have their support and guidance over the years, through my transformations and pivots.”

Hamid J

“Ethan’s strong leadership during our time working together were phenomenal. The amount of knowledge and passion displayed during our business were eye opening. I highly recommend Ethan if you want quality work done.”

Donny R

“Ethan has been a huge factor in the growth of our company. From when we met Ethan to now, we have noticed the a substantial increase in online traffic and positive response to the functionality and feel of our website. On top of the excellent web development and branding that they offers, Ethan offers incredibly helpful advice in all aspects of business. I am very grateful to have found Ethan, and every business I have advised to work with Ethan thanks me dearly every time. Excellent work and outstanding customer service. The best!”

Luis F.

“Hey, we pitched the proposal yesterday and they loved it. $175k annual contract! Our biggest yet They commented that our presentation, the signs, and everything is better than anything they have received from any other vendor and were shocked we have only been here for a year. Exactly the impression we were going for. Thank you!”

Richard M

“If you’re looking for the right website done properly the first time look no further…. After using several different web developers I can say with great confidence that Ethan and his team are the best of the best in the business. They take a great deal of time to understand your business, discuss ways to improve your business model to utilize the website’s functionality to make it more efficient and work out the most streamlined method to increase traffic to your site. They have done a great deal to improve my business and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Dane V.

“My experience has and continues to be excellent: Ethan is great at listening to our needs, providing vision and strategy and executing on deliverables in a timely manner and well within budget. Our partnership with We Unfuck extends beyond design, to functionality across platforms, messaging and helping us retain our competitive edge in the marketplace. We strongly recommend We Unfuck to anyone who needs more than just design.”

Ron H.

“NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A WELL BUILT WEBSITE! I searched & searched before I found Ethan and can ONLY say great things about his company… I am empowered and not dependent on his services!… Customer service is excellent and the product is phenomenal – Every day I receive a compliment about my website, and I am 100% positive it drives business to my company and is part of the reason for our success.”


Alison M.

“Being in the health/wellness/medical field I don’t have a lot of time, and I cannot afford risks or unnecessary mistakes. Ethan and his team have been an amazing. They have solved or provided the necessary insight and expertise to every situation that has arose, and I can rest assured knowing that I can turn to them for any of my strategic, business, marketing needs. Don’t take a chance with a second tier firm. Do it right the first time, and contact We Unfuck for all your business and marketing needs.”

Joaquim B

“I was thinking about how to market my brand, design a website and get noticed. I was going about it all wrong. There are successful companies that get paid to do that kind of thing and that company is We Unfuck. Their professionalism, project management and experience far surpasses what I could have done for myself. They designed a great website, business cards and educated me in the process. By partnering with We Unfuck it relieved the stress I had put on myself so that I could focus on my customers and business.”

Brian Z

“We love it! The new website, branding, and collateral are off the charts. Well done! Not only that, but thanks to your hard work and diligence we have been able to make a huge break for the company bringing in a powerful investor and raising much needed capital!”

Don S