Business Optimization Proposal for:

Issued: March 15, 2024

Expires: April 15, 2024

Statement of Confidentiality

This proposal contains confidential material and information, including pricing and strategies, and as such, it is the property of We Unfuck. All information is specific to you, the prospective client, and as such, we request that information contained within not be disseminated beyond yourself and your employees.

Thank you from all of us here at We Unf(uck).

You are about to commission the creation of a premium consulting solution that will add immeasurable value to your business. Our dedicated team of industry-leading talent will create an effective strategy, tactics, and/or final deliverables that will help position your company far ahead of the competition and nearer to your highest vision of success.

We are excited to move forward with a long and mutually beneficial relationship with you and your team.

Ethan Fialkow

Principal Strategist & Founder

What follows are the recommended tactics and strategies. Pricing is for strategy development, project execution, and any specified deliverables. The proposed scope and fees are based on knowledge of best practices for each activity and the information provided by the client to mitigate business risk and maximize return on investment. The scope of work and cost estimate can be varied to fit your budget, but doing so will also vary the risk and potential return.

Estimated delivery timeframe 7-12 weeks

1) Strategy:

The starting phase of the project is the aggregation, identification, and research of related areas of information that will empower the creation of a comprehensive picture for the best possible decision-making. We will focus on:

  • Mapping out the current business, goals, and assets to see where the company could be optimized, what’s working, and what should be reassessed.
  • Identifying and mapping out current strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities in the marketplace(s). And considering if there are other opportunities in this or other marketplaces.

Next, we will analyze, ideate, and optimize your business strategy. We will focus on:

  • What is the ultimate purpose of the business?
  • What are the financial targets/goals of the business necessary to achieve this? And what is the fiscal plan to achieve these goals?
  • What products, services, and solutions will be offered to specific target audiences?
  • What will be required from the financial, logistical, and operational angles?
  • What will be necessary from a marketing and sales perspective?
  • Does your business need to concern itself with intellectual property and critical information, and if so, what solutions/steps need to be implemented?
  • Are there any foreseeable risks that need to be considered and planned for?

Next, we will develop your umbrella brand strategy.

Your brand strategy is the beating heart of your business. It translates your products, services, and value hypothesis into simple, clear communications.

Your brand strategy tells the story of how your business helps customers solve their problems, satisfy their needs, and/or resolve their pain points. And it does so in a way that effectively grabs their attention, builds trust, and makes you stand out from the competition. It builds trust and reinforces the promise of who you are, what you stand for, and what unique and meaningful benefits you deliver.

A brand is more than just a logo. It is a promise that can build trust and drive sales. It’s your company’s engine. An engine that drives sales and builds equity.

An umbrella brand strategy gives the flexibility for a family of brands in different but either related markets, or different markets offering a similar value proposition and service(s) or product(s) offering.  

The umbrella brand strategy will answer the following questions:

  • Where does the brand(s) see opportunity?
  • Are there additional opportunities for the brand(s)?
  • Who are your customers? And what are their wants and needs?
  • What does your target market(s) want/need? Putting the right stuff in front of the wrong people or the wrong stuff in front of the right people is one of the first marketing mistakes business owners make.
  • What is my target market(s) really buying? For example, people don’t really buy insurance; they buy peace of mind.
  • What’s the biggest benefit to lead with? Be the problem solver and pain reliever. People are much more willing to pay for a cure than prevention. Targeting existing pain rather than promising future pleasure will result in much higher conversion, high satisfaction, and lower price resistance.
  • What are the best emotionally charged words and phrases that will capture and hold this market’s attention?
  • What objections do my prospects have, and how will I solve them?
  • What outrageous offer (including a guarantee(s)) can I make?
  • Why should they buy from you rather than from your nearest competitor?
  • What unique value propositions does the brand provide to solve the customers’ wants and needs?

We will then work with you to map out your “Elevator Pitch.” We will simplify your umbrella brand strategy into a single-breath, concise, and persuasive sales pitch that anyone in the organization can easily remember and share to quickly and effectively let people know what your brand delivers.

Next, we will take the understanding of where you and your customers are at, your goals, and your business & umbrella brand strategy and create a roadmap of suggested next steps for optimizing your business.

We will answer questions such as

  • What do you need for your business to succeed?
  • What are your best options for growth and funding?
  • What foundational pieces do you need, such as websites, digital platforms, content, collateral, etc?
  • And what do they need to contain?

Sub-total: $30,500

Special one time new client discount**: - $5,000

**If you agree to the comprehensive program proposed and provide a $13,000 deposit on or before April 15, 2024, $5,000 will be discounted from the project total.

Grand total: $25,500

To Get Started:

  1.  We will send over our standard service agreement for an electronic signature.
  2. We will invoice you via email for the 50% deposit to start work.
  3. You will pay the initial deposit.
  4. We can begin at our earliest availability upon receipt of the above.
  5. We accept ACH transfers (eChecks), direct deposits, and wire transfers. 

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Your project manager is
Ethan Fialkow
[email protected]

À La Carte Options:

1) Strategy:

We align your vision with research, best practices and a sprinkling of creative genius to uncover opportunities, how to stand out and stand for something, and create a roadmap for launch.

  • Customer & Market Insights/Research & Due Diligence – TBD
  • Business Strategy – TBD
  • Brand Strategy – TBD

2) Foundation:

Every business needs a strong foundation. In an increasingly digital world, We Unf(uck) believes it all starts with your brand and your digital presence.

  • Brand Identity (Logo) – $3,000
  • Brand Theme – $2,500
  • Brand Strategy Guide – $1,500
  • Name & Domain Selection – $5,500
  • Content Creation  (4-6 pages) – $4,500
  • Website Design  (4-6 pages) – $6,000
  • Website Development (4-6 pages) – $6,000 

3) Evolution:

We optimize and transform small businesses, future-proofing them. Turning underdogs into market leaders. But we don’t stop there. We continuously observe, learn, and evolve to actualize your vision and achieve your growth goals.

  • Website & Marketing Audits – TBD
  • Search Engine Optimization – TBD
  • Paid Media Campaigns – TBD
  • Marketing Automation – TBD

Outsourced CMO Ongoing Retainer:

  • Basic – $5,000/month, 20 hours of consulting
  • Standard – $9,000/month, 40 hours of consulting
  • Premium – $16,000/month, 80 hours of consulting
  • Additional hours are billed at $300/hour.